5 Top B2B Platforms Trends to Follow in 2018

The ecommerce world grows constantly and being in step with everything that is happening on the market is a huge advantage! Here are 5 top b2b platforms trends to follow in 2018!


The ecommerce world is more than popular today and as we can all see it grows constantly and bring new b2b ecommerce trends which usually change from year to year. The trends are generally changing based on what businesses are looking for and based on the new technology we use.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular ecommerce trends in the b2b ecommerce world. These trends should be kept in mind, especially those who are using b2b ecommerce platform solutions.

These are the 5 top b2b platforms trends:

  1. Artificial Intelligence – Today, more and more ecommerce websites integrate the conversational commerce. They integrate text-to-speech recognitional advanced technologies and AI chatbots to help customers make purchasing decisions. Modern technologies including cloud computing, as well as, the availability of software APIs have made Artificial Intelligence more accessible to all types of businesses, especially b2b ecommerce businesses.
  2. Synchronized Order Management – The modern cloud-based b2b ecommerce solutions include integration with order management systems and makes them able to sync the order processing across various channels to ensure a great customer experience. You need a b2b platform that follows this trends as other features such as just-in-time availability, automatic replenishment, returns management, multi-warehouse shipping, and etc.
  3. Mobile Commerce Trends – The mobile search is growing and most online stores are optimized for websites and if they are not, they should be. More and more businesses will be developing mobile-first ecommerce websites and applications to support their offerings.
  4. Social Selling – The top b2b platforms should be also active on social media. Social media is a place where you can connect with potential leads in the process, ask questions, focus on problem solving, form personal relationships, and etc. This is also known as social selling.
  5. Quick Implementation & Customization – Implementing a b2b platform should be simple and quick. Also, a high customization is super important as that will help you build a more product specific website. Emerging ecommerce platform solutions also have more control over elements such as user experience and design.

Find a great b2b ecommerce platform solution that actively follows these trends and will help you build a successful and powerful business. Good luck!


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