How to Find the Best B2B Ecommerce Solution in Canada

Here are a few important questions you need to ask your ecommerce platform provider when considering b2b ecommerce solution and find the best platform in Canada!


We have reached a point where it is no longer optional for companies and brands to sell online using a b2b ecommerce solution. Today’s retail world demands it and customers are also looking for a positive shopping experience. Not only do you have to sell online but you also have to do so securely and in a professional way. Finding the best ecommerce solution should be your next move.

Canadian customers are shopping online and they want to purchase from Canadian businesses. According to one research, the Canadians prefer to shop from Canadian brands and they want to be able to pay for their purchase in Canadian dollars.

Today, the ecommerce solutions are created for those with limited tech experience and skills which means that anyone can learn to maintain an ecommerce store and sell online. Speed and ease are only a few things, the ecommerce platform solutions have to offer today. Usually, most of them come with a list of features that can help you build and manage a business online, for example, customer relationship management, user-friendly content management, security, marketing tools, offline and online payment options, analytics, and more.

One of the most challenging tasks is choosing the right b2b ecommerce solution for your Canadian business. While the best solution depends on what you are looking for, there are a few standard features that every online business in Canada needs to run their ecommerce store.

Here are a few questions you need to ask when considering b2b ecommerce solution:

  • Is the store optimized for mobile
  • Is it user-friendly for you and your customers?
  • Is there a good selection of themes and templates?
  • Are there limits on the number of items you can carry?
  • How does the ecommerce platform compare to other website hostings (if you need Canadian-friendly web hosting)
  • Is the check-out process easy?
  • Can you add and your customers track the orders?
  • What marketing features are included – social media, up-selling, ad tracking, affiliate program, CASL, coupons, compliant email, shopping cart recovery, and etc.
  • How detailed are the reports and analytics?
  • Do they offer free software updates?

The answers to these questions will lead you to the best ecommerce solution for your b2b business.